Fuzzy white pelican babies.

Mom showing off her new babies.

They look so funny. Almost looks like they have chicken skin.

The parents were busy feeding the babies.

One by one they all get fed.

This baby was a newborn. Still sitting under the parent. I caught a glimpse when Mom got up to stretch.

I took these two weeks ago so by now these babies are pretty big. I stopped by the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary hoping to find some pelican babies. I had heard a few had recently been born. There must have been at least 30 babies there. It will be buzzing with babies for a while. The parents, who have sustained injuries that prevent them from surviving in the wild, are kept here permanently. Some time this summer, the sanctuary will roll back the tops of the two pelican pens and the babies can fly away free. I’m sure a lot of them still hang around to get a free meal. Many of the pelicans that you see on the beach around that area were probably born at the sanctuary.

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8 thoughts on “Fuzzy white pelican babies.

  1. These are great captures of the cute (?), fuzzy baby pelicans. I love the fact that the permanent residents of the sanctuary can still breed and nest and contribute to the pelican population.

  2. Oh, too cute, Dina. One is obviously older than the others, and, as my mother would have said, the newborn is so ugly he’s cute!
    Must share these with my husband, as he loves pelicans!

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