Backyard visitors

A male hooded merganser goes swimming by the dock.

A male and female go by. She kept sticking her head under water. I guess she was looking for a snack.

Two happy couples go swimming by.

I caught a kingfisher sitting on my neighbor’s dock. She didn’t sit there long.

We’ve been getting a lot of hooded mergansers swimming in the canal behind our house. At one point I counted four couples swimming together. If the weather across the country stays this warm they’ll be going home soon. Last year I think I saw them through most of March. I haven’t been seeing the kingfisher very often in the last 2 months. This past weekend, she showed up for a few seconds. I just happened to be taking pictures of the mergansers when I saw her. Now that our big dead grapefruit tree is gone, we haven’t been getting very many tiny birds in the backyard. I moved the bird feeder to the other side of the house near the bushes but all we’ve been getting there are doves and blue jays. All pictures taken through the bedroom window.

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