Pelicans nesting at Homosassa Springs Park.

Hooking up.

What are they fighting about? Or is that something else???

Now maybe they are making up?

He's bringing his big stick.

She’s already got an egg.
More pictures from my recent trip to Homosassa Springs Park. In the middle of one of the rivers, they have a little pelican island where the pelicans can hang out and nest. They were busy the entire morning that I was there. Several nests already had eggs on them. Soon there will be non-stop baby bird crying there.  It was fun to watch them being so pre-occupied.

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  1. Fabulous photos, Dina. Pelicans are wonderful. I can’t think of Florida without thinking of pelicans, and I can’t think of pelicans without thinking of the place my parents had in Baja for many years. I’m looking forward to the hatching photos!

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