Pelicans taking a bath

"Splish! Splash! Nothing like a bath on a warm winter morning."

"Hey, watch it. You're splashing me."

"I need to rinse my mouth out. It taste fishy."

“Looking good!”

Just a few pelican shots from my recent visit to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. All of the pelicans there have had some type of injury or illness. Some are permanently injured and will live there for the rest of their lives and some are there to rehabilitate and will be released back out into the wild when they get better. There’s also a lot of wild pelicans that just hang around the sanctuary hoping for a handout. I think anybody hanging around at the end of the day gets leftovers if there are any. The sanctuary also goes out on the beach there to feed the wild ones and check them out for any fish hooks or other injuries. They sometimes find them with hooks in their beaks or wings and if caught early, they can take the hooks out and release them immediately.

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8 thoughts on “Pelicans taking a bath

  1. Pelicans are a favorite of mine! I love going down to the marina when the shrimp boats come in…just to watch the pelicans. Love your action photos!!

    My Saturday Link: BALD EAGLE I do hope you can find time to pay me a visit and say hello.

  2. Now there is a fella who know how to get every square inch clean. How come we don’t encourage our kids to do same? Oh, yeah, bathroom flood!
    I love the carwash connection!

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