Woody and some hoodys in my yard.

I've been seeing this downy woodpecker for a couple of weeks at this hole in the palm tree in my front yard.

Where'd he go?

This weekend I saw him peeking his head out of the hole.

Nice view from up here. You can just see his red head.

The hooded mergansers are still floating around in the channel behind our house. They were right in front of our dock this weekend. Taken through the bedroom window.

Another male hoody shot from the bedroom window.

 I’m in mourning. Last weekend we finally took down our dead grapefruit tree in the backyard. The tree towered over at least a third of our backyard. It really looks bare back there now. No more birds sitting in the tree to watch. We are in the process of decided what to replace it with. No more fruit trees though. I’m tired of picking up rotten fruit all spring. No matter what we plant, it will take a while for it to get as big as the ole grapefruit tree. That tree was planted over 35 years ago. There is still some bird action in the yard though. The hooded mergansers are still floating around. I caught a quick glimpse of the kingfisher last weekend. And the big news is the woodpecker in our front tree. We’ve been getting woodpeckers visiting all along but this is the first time one looks like it’s going to nest. The only down side is the palm tree sits on the end of our driveway and the hole faces the street. My neighbors are going to think I’m crazy standing in the middle of the street with my camera (I’ll tell them I’m taking pictures of people speeding through the neighborhood).

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